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This International Symposium on the Mn-triad in Life Sciences and Catalysis was be held in Bloemfontein, South Africa, from 19-24 Nov 2007.  [RheManTec refers to the three metals in the Mn-triad.]

RheManTec was sponsored by the South African National Research Foundation and the Swiss National Science Foundation, and this support is greatefully acknowledged.

Rhemantec included two and a half days of invited lectures [thirty six oral contributions; Tue -- Thu], followed by visits to PET facilities at PetLabs in Pretoria and NECSA, the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa at Pelindaba.

Although the main focus was on the Mn-Triad, the chemistry of other related metal centers was also discussed.

A number of South African scientists from the Univ. of the Free State, Univ. of Pretoria [Pharmacology and Chemistry], Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univ. and NECSA, as well as Swiss  [Univ of Zurich], American and from Botswana attended. For more information on the invited individuals and please see the Invited Contributors section.

The picture of the participants (below) was taken during Rhemantec at the Olivia Game Lodge, 35 Km outside Bloemfontein.  Delegates had the opportunity to view the different game species, but also had the opportunity to see the success of the lion breeding programme first hand.

The Organising Committee again wish to thank all participants for a great scientific and 'make new friendship' meeting! 

Inorganic Research Group during a previous visit of Prof Roger Alberto to Bloemfontein:

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