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The following table shows the order and title of every invited speaker for the RheManTec symposium.
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 [Numbers correspond to Programme]


1.         Bioorganometallic Chemistry of Rhenium and Technetium: Future of 99mTc Radiopharmacy

            Roger Alberto


2.         Review of Tc and Re(V) + (III) chemistry at MU.

            Hendrik Engelbrecht, Paul Benny , Stephanie Lane, and Silvia Jurisson


3.         High-valent Technetium Complexes with Tripodal Ligands

            Henrik Braband, Yuji Tooyama and Roger Alberto


4.        Towards new rhenium radiopharmaceuticals: rhenium(V) nitride complexes with sulfonamide based dithiocarbamate ligands.

            Joanne Perils


5.         Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Half-Sandwich ReIII and TcIII Tricarbonyl Complexes: A Potentially New Prodrug Delivery System?

            Fabio Zobi, Bernhard Spingler and Roger Alberto


6.         Evaluation of several 99mTc-ligands for peptide based radiopharmaceuticals

            Patricia Antunes, Paul Schmutz, and Roger Alberto


7.         Cell Uptake Studies of Bombesin-Intercalator Conjugates of Re/99mTc(CO)3+

            Agorastos Nikos, Lubor Borsig, Annabelle Renard and Roger Alberto


8.         99mTc labelled biguanide derivatives: chemical speciation modelling thereof and evaluation in vervets.

            J.R. Zeevaart, J.M. Wagener, M Neves, M.C. Costa, C. Rodrigues, O. Knoesen, M.K. Dithebea, E. Kilian, I. Cukrowski


9.        Rhenium(I) compounds in Nuclear Medicine. Crystallographic and kinetic investigation of different [Re(CO)3(L1)(L2)]n- complexes.

            Marietjie Schutte, Andreas Roodt, Hendrik G. Visser


10.      Imido, Amido and Amino Complexes of Re(V) with Multidentate Aromatic Amines

            Irvin Booysen, Thomas Gerber and Peter Mayer


11.     Direct syntheses of 99TcVII complexes with the [TcO3]+ core from [TcO4]- for labeling biomolecule

            Y. Tooyama, H. Braband, B. Spingler and R. Alberto


12.     Stable ReI/II(CO)2 complexes: Reflection on a series of new precursors for organometallic chemistry

            Lukas Kromer, Bernhard Spingler and Roger Alberto


13.      Rhenium(I) carbonyl complexes as model radiopharmaceuticals.

            Hendrik G. Visser, Gerdus Kemp, Marietjie Schutte and Andreas Roodt


14.      The SAMSA group as an alternative bifunctional chelate for labelling biological active moieties with technetium-99m.

            Otto Knoesen and Marina Rautenbach


15.      The development of new drugs by the anti-ancer drug development consortium.

            C.E. Medlen (publishes under the name of CEJ van Rensburg)


16.      Pharmacological testing of lead compounds

            P. W Gitari and C.E Medlen


17.      Pandora’s box and Medusa’s molecule – dendrimers as drug-delivery vehicles

            R. Meijboom


18.      A general approach to α, β-diamino propionic acid and its complexes recognized by LAT1

            Yu LIU, P. Schmutz, M. Bauwens, J. Mertens, R. Alberto


19.      Cytotoxicity studies in bacteria and carcinoma cells of novel Pt-vitamin B12 derivatives

            Pilar Ruiz-Sánchez, Bernhard Spingler, Jorge C. Escalante-Semerena, Stefano Ferrari and Roger Alberto


20.      Spectroscopic and theoretical investigation

            of the isomerisation of [Re(O)2(Eten)2]+ and related complexes

            G. Steyl, A. Roodt and H.P. Engelbrecht


21.      Mobile and trapped manganese fragments as key components of π-arene and π-heteroarene complexes and networks.

            Simon Lotz and Dwight A Sweigart


22.      Synthesis and structural features of novel Group VII transition Metal carbene complexes.

            Daniela I. Bezuidenhout, David C. Liles, Petrus H. van Rooyen and Simon Lotz


23.      Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and structural features of Fischer carbene complexes of group 7 transition metals.

            Marile Landman and Dave Liles


24.      Evaluation of ligand and solvent effects on a potential catalyst using a rhodium cupferrate system as model.

            Johan Venter, Stephen Basson and Walter Purcell


25.      Quinoline improving the life of Manganese triad metals, wicked!

            J. Marthinus Janse van Rensburg, A. J. Muller and A. Roodt


26.      Computational Aspects of Cyclooctadiene Systems

            Tania Hill, Andreas Roodt


27.      Rhodium carboxylato phosphite, phosphinite complexes as catalysts.

            Leo Kirsten, Gideon Steyl and Andreas Roodt


28.      Speciation and interconversion mechanism of mixed fluoro and O,O- and O,N- bidentate ligand complexes of Zirconium.

            Maryke Steyn , Gideon Steyl and Andreas Roodt


29.      Hypoelectronic Clusters: Are They Deviant Clusters or Part of the Same Class?

            Ipe J. Mavunkal, Bruce C. Noll, Reinout Meijboom, Alfred Muller and Thomas P. Fehlner


30.      Synthesis and characterization of Copper(I) O,O-bidentate complexes

            Righardt du Plessis, Gideon Steyl & Andreas Roodt


31.      SolidState Packing Disorders in the Manganese Triad.

            Alfred Muller


32.      Speciation and interconversion mechanism of mixed fluorido

            O,O’ - and O,N- bidentate ligand complexes of Hafnium

            J.A Viljoen, A. Muller and A. Roodt


33.      Silver(I) coordination with group 15 ligands and the ligand exchange mechanism

            Gertruida J.S. Venter, Reinout Meijboom, Andreas Roodt


34.      Ring a ring of Rosies, a pocket full of Phosphines.

            Alice Brink, Nicoline Cloete, Andreas Roodt and Hendrik G. Visser


35.      A crystallographic and kinetic studies of the formation of tricyanonitrido(κ2N,O)rhenate(V) ions.

            Thato Mtshali, Walter Purcell and Stephen Basson


36.      Implications for nuclear medicine from mechanistic studies on substitution reactions in complexes of the manganese triad

            Andreas Roodt






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